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And You Call Yourself A Security Professional?

How many of the integrators on this site represent themselves only as security integrators? Related question, do most camera system instegrators also sell alarm central office type systems?

Using a random sampling technique of looking at every contractor type truck I see on the road, it looks like very few are pure-play security operations (not counting ADT trucks).

Security hybrids seen:

  • Audio/Video - Security
  • Telcom - Security
  • Landscaping - Security

Wondering whether the hybrids form thru market expansion or from opportunity contraction...

The landscaping is pretty funny. If you can get me a picture of that truck, I'll send you a gift card or something.

I've seen a lot of gate control and fence companies who do security. I think most just use it as an oppurtunity for an upsell. It's usually low end stuff, from a box store or online with camera names I never heard of or no names on the cameras at all.

I wouldn't put it past some Landscapers to do home security systems as well. They already have the contacts and relationship with the homeowner.

How about security, mail mart, and roofing?

From: 'You Might Be A Trunkslammer If....':

"Notice the phone number on the signs. This particular business is also a 'mail mart'. The cameras are hanging on the backside of the business."


Let’s not be so smug! You may think this is an example of poor craftsmanship, but in fact, this camera install was designed to detect sidewalk thieves. Since the installation there have been no reports of sidewalk thefts, and the store’s concrete is now safe from those hardcore stone bandits!

Rob, I wish you were right, but that camera is pointed at the sky and not the sidewalk below.

But, on the other hand: there have been no reports of crime in the sky within range of that camera!

...but that camera is pointed at the sky and not the sidewalk below.

What I see here is an installer with integrity - one that would rather settle for a slightly worse FOV than kill the drip loop by pointing it down. Respect.

You laugh, but in 1985 an international crime ring led by mob boss Carmen Sandiego attempted to steal the sun, the moon, and the stars, which, as any professional astrologer will tell you, would have had been terrible.

Rockapella is the real MVP.

Gotta stop the cat burglers.

IT/Security is my version...