What Analytics Should I Run On Axis Cameras?

Posted for a member: I have a client who wants to try video analytics (virtual trip wire, directional, maybe counting) "at the edge" at a new project. He currently has standardized on Axis and has an existing Genetec VMS. We selected the Axis P3364, Q1604 and P1347, all of which support the Axis CAP (Camera Application Platform). So my question is this: What analytics engine is a good fit for this application?

Unfortunately, there are not of options available (here's the whole list of ACAP partners). Agent VI is the most well known on the list. Securitron is another but better known in Europe.

Thanks John. If anyone out there thinks that John is answering his own quesiton, he's not. He was kind enough to post it for me because I was having some technical difficultites.

Anyway, a follow up question: What are the basic procedures for implementing these analytics at the edge?

Jim, in terms of procedures, there are typically 3 issues:

1. Loading the app on the Axis camera. Typically fairly simple. Get the app file, go to the Axis camera web interface and upload it.

2. Determine if there are any limitations specifically to running on Axis cameras. Sometimes, because of the computing resources available on the camera, there may be limitations on resolution, frame rate, etc. analyzed inside the camera.

3. Analytics tuning to optimize performance / eliminate false alerts. This will depend on the specific analytic offering so it's hard to generalize.

Hi Jim,

Agent Vi has successfully deployed hundreds of video analytics installations using Axis ACAP enabled cameras. Our analytics solutions range from real time event detection to forensic search and business intelligence. Analytics are deployed by uploading our software into the Axis camera and then configuring the required analytics features through our management application.

Zvika. The client is presently using Genetic for the VMS platform. How does Agent Vi integrate? Also, is a separate server required? What is your pricing model?

I believe Agent has two models they tailor to: EDGE analytics as mentioned above, and server based which does require an additional server. We have had success virtualizing their server with a base server, but don't recommend virtualizing with an NVR. Pricing is per channel and between $500-$1000 per camera, depending on the application and how it's deployed.

We are integrated with both Omnicast and Security Center so working with Genetec is quite straight forward.

A server is always required when deploying our analytics. Using Axis cameras with our software embedded significantly reduces the required server resources and allows handling up to 200 analytics cameras on a quad core cpu. For smaller deployments you can run our software on the same server as Genetec. For larger deployments we recommend either using a virtualized environment or a dedicated server for analytics.

Pricing is in the range of $200 - $1000 per channel and will depend on the analytics features you need to deploy.

We also have used AgentVI with Axis cameras on a Genetec Omnicast system with good results. The analytics are done at the edge on the Axis cameras and the resulting metadata (not video) is stored on a separate server.

Axis also offers some analytics as add-on licenses to their cameras, they are not as in depth as AgentVI and fairly basic in comparison.

They also offer a free trial of the cross line detection.

If you need something simple, it might be the way to go.

Whenever instalaltion should take place in Europe I could suggest to have a look at Technoaware. This is an italian video Analytic developer company, that has developped solution specifically desiged to run embedded with AXIS cameras. I had not direct experience for the embedded version of Vtrack but the server version hepls me a lot.