Analogue Camera & Motorised Lens - 1000mm

I require an analogue box camera with motorised lens having 60x zoom. (F3.8, Zoom - 12.5 - 1000mm). Is there any manufacturer having both, camera and motorised lens ? Pelco has only 200 mm lens in this category. If I need to chose the camera and motorised lens from two different manufacturers, what specifications do I need to check? Also how do I control the lens from the control room? Any suggestions?

Is this a spec / RFP? I mainly ask to know if it needs to be exactly F3.8, Zoom - 12.5 - 1000mm or is that the general range you are looking for?

This is RFP. The range mentioned is only for reference. It shouldn't go below the mentioned one.

Zoom: 12.5 - 1000mm

Hi A!

That spec is 80x, not 60x. Can you clarify if you need the focal length(s) or the range?


by mistake i wrote 12.5 -1000. it is 12.5 -750 mm.. 60x is what they require and exactly matches Fujinon ..Thanks B. But can I have a camera model which matches this lens? I think we require 1/2@ CCD as given by Mr. Matt.

Both the Fujinons I listed (the larger aperture one being 13.5-750mm) are C-mount so they should fit most any box camera you choose. The tricky part will be interfacing the zoom/focus controls... not sure offhand what box cams would have that built-in. The only PTZ of this type that I've dealt with was a Pelco Esprit, but I never actually had to open it up, so I don't know if the lens controls are a separate unit inside the enclosure - I would tend to suspect that they are.

Optical zoom in that range is going to be tricky. Digital zoom can do that easily. They've asked for an analog camera, but how about a megapixel that would allow you to use that level of digital zoom while retaining at least 520TVL-quality output?

Sure the camera would cost more, and if they're saying analog because of existing coax infrastructure, you'd need to spend extra on EoC adapters... but I bet it would still come in cheaper than a single lens that will provide that kind of zoom range, if such a thing even exists.

Even a simple 1000mm prime lens would be huge, especially at f/3.8 (aperture would have to be 263mm diameter, or over 10").

I'd suggesting finding out if that RFP is based on an older camera's spec as being "60X zoom", which in a lot of cases would include digital zoom, with separate optical and digital zoom factors listed in the fine print...

I did find this, designed for a 1/2" sensor:

50X zoom, 20-1000mm. Lists as f/3.5 but that's probably just at 20mm, which would only be a 5.7mm opening. At 1000mm, that would be about f/175. The whole thing is 130mm wide and nearly half a meter long.

Fujinon lists a couple 12.5-750mm (60X) lenses as well, C-mount for 1/4" - 1/2" sensors. One is f/3.8 and clocks in at 365 x 154mm and 5.8kg... the other is f/2.1 and a whopping 670x274mm and 20kg(!!!)... and again, those apertures are only at the shortest focal length.

Just for reference, this is a 1200mm, f/5.6 Canon SLR lens:

That footlong Fujinon is not too bad for what's being asked, no?

12.5 - 750. But if he needs 80x 12.5 - 1000, that's a different story...

Ah, better known as the Mother-of-All-Lenses. Much folklore surrounds this monster...

A, if the important specs are:

60x lens, f/3.8, analog camera and single vendor, then this Cohu8800 seems to fit...

I'm thinking that's the fuji footlong wrapped in a bun, but can't say for sure...