Analog Replacement Camera

i am looking for an outdoor analog dome camera to replace the speco intensifier 7246iHR for service reasons. it is hard to find a regular analog camera that will work with the current dvr. everything seems to he 960H which wont work with the ADPRO or DM dvrs that are in the field. I tried using the camera finder but seems like it is all HD over coax or IP.

Hi 1, first question: have you tried 960H cameras with those DVRs? We've tested 960H (and 1280H) models on lower TVL DVRs and they work fine. Another user has as well.

As far as analog in the finder, we do not include SD analog, but there are many cameras listed there that are 720p or 1080p TVI/CVI which also have a standard composite output.

If neither of these options work, maybe members have some suggestions on SD analog cameras. I spot checked a couple manufacturers but it looks like most are indeed using 960H or higher formats, now.

we have tried a few 960H and they just dont work with the Fasttrace 1 dvr.