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What Is Analog HD (AHD) - Competitor To Dahua And Hikvision?

Hello Everybody, anybody knows about this new HD analog "standard"? Chipset are available from Nextchip, but any products available right now?

Maico, thanks for sharing! I am trying to figure out what AHD is myself :)

Here's Nextchip's AHD product page. It's 720p max resolution output evidently.

I don't get what's particularly interesting or different about this compared to Dahua HD-CVI or Hikvision HD-TVI.

As important, Nextchip appears to be a small company, with just ~$36 million USD revenue last year, down from ~$50 million in previous years.

I did get a Chinese spam manufacturer promoting AHD recently. Here it is:

So easy! So Parity!

Gotta love the Chenglish.

It's 720p max resolution output evidently.

AKA, "Nearly 1080P".

Nextchip is apparently a Korean manufacturer, and unlike CVI/TVI/NTSC who output some form of CVBS, claim to output AHD1.0, though I'd say its a fair bet it just another flavor (or the same) of one of those three.

AHD is abbreviations for Analog High Definition or @ High Definition, Unique alternative standard for HD data transmission solution, AHD 1.0 Tx/Rx is beginning a new era.

What is AHD1.0 besides their marketing term?

Btw, the end of their claim is this:

"AHD1.0 Tx/Rx is transmitting 720p@25fps/@30fps with minimizing data loss, supporting COMET & CVBS simultaneously."

What is AHD1.0 besides their marketing term?

Nothing but a marketing term of course, the question is, what is it a marketing term for?

  • Is it really just a CVI/TVI licensed and repackaged product?
  • Yet they have their own chip, so did they just license the design? (asmag profile says they are fabless tho.)
  • Reverse engineer or knockoff of CVI/TVI?
  • Original home-grown innovation? (they apparently are real chip designer)

As for

Btw, the end of their claim is this: "AHD1.0 Tx/Rx is transmitting 720p@25fps/@30fps with minimizing data loss, supporting COMET & CVBS simultaneously."

I think its rather unclear whether they are referring to 2 or 3 different output types, this one is better worded...

Output: AHD 1.0 Signal or CVBS/COMET <720H/960H> 720p@25fps or @30fps 40eQFN(5x5)

Once / if they get any real market traction, I'll be more motivated to figure out their cryptic claims...

1080 is on the roadmap.

CVBS and AHD switchable is possible.

TX and ISP on the same chip.

A Korean manufacturer company explained it as "The Korean equivilent to TVI/CVI" - it is independant of TVI/CVI.

So basically Korean companies don't want Chinese companies dominating the Analog HD market. They've rolled their own solution to compete and you'll see AHD (already available) from all the usual Korean camera and DVR folks.

Reality; Chinese companies will dominate the Analog HD market and this is a smokescreen. It just doesn't have the spec or market weight behind it.

In the VHS/Betamax war, it's like V2000, but without any of the advantages :)

Undisclosed A, great feedback!

If this really is the Korean counter move, it's going to be a disaster...

Btw, I had to look up V2000, very interesting analogy.

So I guess that makes HD-SDI the equivalent of U-matic? It was also designed for commercial/professional use but found some limited home use.

So which of the other HD technologies would be the equivalent of the Quasar Great Time Machine (Panasonic VX)? Or the Sanyo V-Cord? The RCA CED? Cartrivision?'ll see AHD (already available) from all the usual Korean camera and DVR folks...

What about the 800-pound Korean elelphant in the room, Samsung? Surely they are not going to let 960H 1280H be their final analog word. Yet, the AHD message is clearly a notch or two below even their poorest marketing.

My guess is that South Korean companies are concerned that they will be left out of both HDCVI and HD-TVI by the Chinese.

Btw, Longse, Chinese spam king, is now promoting AHD as well. I had a brief email exchange but their responses were incoherent as is typical.

I am curious why and how these companies are taking sides.

So TVI, CVI and AHD are all mentioned on Longse page.

Hedging their bets.

Well, in his email pitch, he only marketed AHD and said that AHD was across the board better than CVI and TVI, no qualification.

Must be the newest product this week :)

Perhaps it's giving Longse free advertising, but could you share the pitch please ?

Just maybe it sheds light on why - given that AHD is only 720 at present, 1080 is planned but not released, verses TVI/CVI already having 1080 and 4K on their roadmaps, along with power up coax TBC and other bits and pieces.

Hey, anything to give Longse free advertising! :)

Here's his last email when I asked him to compare AHD to CVI and TVI:

there is a research like this,just for reference:
b)match Sensor
e)cost performance
f)The back-end using cost
g)transmission distance

Well that clears that up.

Yes, not the most persuasive analysis of all time. I think he was simply trying to show me something that seemed authoritative. Not a very good sales person but that's par for the course with email spammers.

Seems the link referenced is an advertorial written by Huangchuang Ages - you can see their ad at the bottom of the page.

According to a collegue who looked at it for me, it's rather a subjective judgement with no specific data stated for drawing the conclusions made.

Am sure you wont be too surprised.

Yes, agreed, no weight on it whatsoever.

My Longse's "contact" is Judy. And every few days I get emails and it starts with something this:

"Good evening. Happy to contact you again.

Since this morning the pricelist has been updated again, I am here again to send it to you. Please kindly check the attachment."

It's entertaining ...

Oh brother, we should have a discussion - "Who is your Longse Spam Contact?"

Mine include:

  • Albert
  • Henry
  • Vivian
  • Moliya
  • Coco

These are just from 2014.

Evidently, though they must be selling stuff, and now it's AHD...

That's quite a list John. Quite a group effort to get you to bite. :-)

We continue to get spam manufacturer messages promoting AHD. Whatever they are doing they have seem to become the favorite choice of no-name companies.

Here's today's aggressive pitch, calling AHD a 'market killer':

Dear Mr. Honovich, John,

Afina bring you a new technology cctv product: AHD, finally come out now.

it is a new kind of HD analog camera with 1.0 and 1.3 mega pixel high resolution. Detailed features are below:

  1. AHD DVR can connect IP Camera and AHD Camera and normal Analog camera, and AHD camera can connect to normal DVR as below photo showed:
  2. Share same cable as normal analog camera, it’s easy to upgrade SD cctv system to HD cctv system
  3. Cheapest HD camera(1.0 Mega and 1.3 Mega) ,cheaper and more convenient than CVI and HD-SDI
  4. HD quality but SD price, Even cheaper than normal analog camera sony cmos 1100tvl, similar to sony CCD 700TVL price as below showed:
  5. Nice weapon, It will kill both cctv SD and HD market share in the near future.

How do you like your market killer? Hope you can be the leader.