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Will A 960H Camera Work With A DVR That Does Not Support 960H?

I know people will laugh at my analog ignorance, I just don’t ever use it. Will a 960H camera work with a DVR that does not support 960H? I can’t seem to find many 600TVL cameras. I need to replace one on an older system.

Yes it'll work just fine. We tested this in our megapixel vs. analog shootout. Same camera, 960H DVR on the left, D1 on the right:


They work fine. That's what we've been using for replacements and some new installs since traditional analog cameras have been discontinued by many manufacturers. In our case, they are fed to IndigoVision 9000E 20-channel 4SIF encoders. The end result is a picture with about the same resolution as we were getting with 600-700TVL SD cameras and slightly better than was provided by our older 470-540TVL cameras.