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Analog Camera For Perimeter Detection

Hello im using a VideoIQ Rialto encoder and need a great analog camera that will work in little to no light, will aslo use an external IR illuminator. Bosch? Pelco?

Would some of the low priced thermal cameras on the market these days be a consideration?

Hi Luis,

no because the customer wants to be able to use the camera for his worker also, to be able to identify them. But i do have other projects that may need thermal, however i worry when i hear "low price"

You definitely correct, "low" is very relative.

Bosch and CNB both are frequently named good low light analog cameras (see our test results of them). Btw, be careful about sens up cameras like Speco's Intensifier. They will cause problems with analytics.

thanks John, i will use Bosch or Pelco, just wanted to know if anyone used any other good brands

[IPVM Note: Poster is from VideoIQ]

There are tons of good options out there these days. In fact, it's less about what we DO recommend, and more about what we recommend you NOT use, and John covered that pretty well. Intensifiers and other "gimmicky" things like that will yield poor overall results.

No matter what you choose, you are going to need some amount of additional lighting, which you seem to be aware of. There are not cameras out there, that I am aware of, that yield anything remotely near a usable image in just standard night time lighting. So, once you realize that you'll be using IR, or floodlights, or whatever, the low-light details of a particular camera become less of a concerns, because you *should* have enough light for any halfway decent name-brand camera. That frees you up a little bit to have more flexibility around form-factor or price.

The other thing to stay away from is cameras with on-board IR. It rarely works well for anything beyond 20' or 30' (where we're commonly covering ranges of 200' or more with 1 camera), and it's not adjustable for beam spread. Also, it tends to attract insects and spiders in some regions, which makes the whole outcome that much more challenging.

CNB Monalisa's are one of my more common recommendations, they seem to do good and are readily available. I've typically had good luck with anything based on a Pixim or good Sony sensor. Also stay away from anything with a 1/4" sensor, there are too many good 1/3" options to skimp on that.

Thanks Brian