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An IPVM Like Site For ERP Software?

Does anyone know of a forum like IPVM but for ERP integrators / users.

ERPGeine was previously SAPGenie, though it still seems to be only resourceful for SAP consultants.

I am interested to understand and draw comparisons of major ERP solution providers like SAP, Microsoft Dynamics, SAGE, Oracle etc, They also have solutions for small business, mid-market segments and can be integrated with CRM, HR, webstores and other third party applications.

It takes months to figure it all out and decide as per scalability and budget.

It's been a while I visited the site. In those days many SAP gurus where active members and responded to queries within minutes. As a part of my job, I frequently had to integrate with SAP and this site was recommended by an SAP consultant. I guess you have to login to get the full feature of the website...

Also, this site helped a lot of my colleagues to get their SAP certification!!!

Pushkar, in defense of IPVM, this looks more like the SecurityInfoWatch of ERP :) Seems like a lot of copied press releases, etc.

Was there any section of the site you particularly liked? I see they have some online exams, is that worthwhile?

In my IT days I have used

Now i think it is called ERPGenie | SAP Supply Chain Visibility

OK. Now Im clued in. Late in the day and been one of those weeks.

I believe Taher means Entperise Resource Planning, like SAP. yes?

For give me but what is ERP? I have my idea but want to make sure before I gave any real input.

I have no idea but I also have no experience in ERP either. Hopefully someone else has input.