An Arecont 180 Covering Supermarket Registers

Take a look at this image of an Arecont 180 covering registers at Whole Foods:

A few things of interest:

  • I couldn't find any cameras at the individual cash registers (at least 8 at this location). Maybe I just missed them or perhaps this camera replaces them?
  • The ceiling of this Whole Foods is quite (~30'/10 meters). You can see the long extension mount used, though the camera is still far above people's head, even when one is directly underneath.
  • Overall, though, this is a very low cost front area surveillance option, though I wonder if it's really the only camera covering the registers, especially given its mounting height.

I was surprised about the motion blur too! The person was moving fairly casually.

I think there was about 8 from end to end, with fairly generous spacing between them. Maybe they are hidden or built in? I checked but I didn't examine in detail. Or maybe Whole Foods does not have the same shrinkage issues as general super markets?

Holy motion blur Batman! They need some more lighting there so you can shorten your exposure on your cell camera!


How many registers are there? I would doubt they cover ALL of the registers with a single 180 cam. Most likely, they have hidden cams in power poles or built into the registers?