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Americans - Why Not Get 20% More Resolution For Paying Nothing?

Is there reason that American workman goes with his NTSC when anyway you use LCDs and computers?

my gift to give you is PAL, if im right, sorry whoopsie if wrong.

You will up-it-up to 576 vs 480. 50hz vs 60hz i read is not problem if camera run off the DC adaptage that my be provided for you, but check your locals first.

Some the dvr and cameras supporting both in and out of the box. You flick wristswitch or flick mouse and step right up to higher resolutions? I only think so.

If it does do it and you flip switch and then charge customer 20% for upgrade, you dont have to give me even 2%. Just kidding. You can keep most of it.


That really depends on a lot of factors. I wish it was that easy. Remember that our line power is 60Hz so PAL cameras will be subject to rolling bars when used with certain types of lights. There may also be other issues with certain equipment that doesn't have PAL built in.

Do camera's you have experienced up close at hand usually have PAL/NTSC switch from one to other? Was it soft or hard, -ware setting?

And normally those new brand spanked DVR's, do they go about it either way and can auto transrender?

If have to buy to try,then no one will. That what i think.

Actually, I prefer SECAM myself. I took French in high school ;-^

Funny! I was just thinking about that earlier today. In the security world, there is really no reason why we cannot go straight up PAL. As far a DVD players in the states, most inexpensive DVD players will play both standards. I'm guessing they use two NTSC decoders to convert PAL even though a PAL decoder is superior.

The theory of why we are different - Movie Studios and profit. Then to make even more profit and more headache, you add Region coding. - There is no reason why the security world cannot use PAL products in existing NTSC regions.

I've been waiting for someone to post "Europeans - Why Not Get 20% More Frames Per Second For Paying Nothing?"

Hehe. Was this close to losing my sarsparilla when i read that.

Serious answer from what all I learned at IPVM,

  • 30fps is more than most need.
  • Resolution 704x480 is less than most want.

Follows that most folk should prefer 704x575 and 25 fps, all else being on a par.