Amazon Focusing On Enabling More Chinese Suppliers To Go Direct

Not a surprising trend but the scale is mind boggling. And you thought Walmart was the fastest way to get US $ into china..

...the scale is mind boggling.

It may be, but in this report there is a lot of enthusiasm, but not much real evidence. I didn't see a single $ value listed. Not even a comparison between Chinese merchants and non-Chinese.

The main claims are that Chinese merchant sales increased ten-fold last year. The program started to roll out around the world 3 years ago; and is still rolling out today with 10 of 14 global marketplaces completed.

IMHO, a ten fold increase from year 2 to 3 is not unusual, and might not mean big $.

That said, I don't doubt it is a growing element, I just can't say how big looking at this report.

I wonder how much of this is a response to Alibaba / Aliexpress, which a lot of Western 'budget' shoppers seem to have become comfortable with for electronic goods. In other words, if Amazon does not do this, they risk losing substantial business to the Alibaba.