AMAG: "We Do PSIM (On The Cheap)."

Access control manufacturer AMAG published this post today: AMAG's Symmetry offers PSIM

"As security professionals, shouldn’t we strive to do our very best to protect people, property, assets and reputations?

The answer is a resounding “Yes, but…” Most of us work under the constraints of limited resources, be they CAPEX and OPEX funds, time, personnel or energy."

Based on that opening, AMAG talks about how traditional PSIM offers are "ungodly expensive... Not only that, but they take 12-18 months on average to implement" and therefore are non-options for most.

AMAG uses this to trumpet their platform 'Symmetry' as a 'PSIM-lite' platform by mentioning multiple integration platforms for VMS, Visitor Management, Intrusion Alarm, and others (but no other access control platforms).

I think claims like this are kind of crazy, because calling oneself a PSIM is not really a complement, is it?

So they're an access-centric PSIM? They should find a video-centric PSIM to hook up with.

There are obvious benefits to posts like this if you're in sales. Customers hear PSIM as a buzzword (sad to say) and being able to say "Hey we do that with this platform for X dollars less" is a benefit. It's true that most sites don't end up with integrated video/access/intrusion/etc. but in my past, those that saw the integration appreciated it. And we're talking integrations that were reeeeal real limited in one way or another, so a tighter interoperability would really blow minds.