Alternatives To Axis Q6000-E Integrated Ptz/Panoramic Combination?

A member asked about alternatives to the Axis Q6000-e, specifically a camera/unit with an integrated PTZ and panoramic camera in one.

As we reported in our Live From China review, Hikvision is showing one. See below:

It is the top right one, with a ring of 8 fixed cameras along with a PTZ. However, no clear release date, certainly not outside of China.

What else is out there? Any other recommendations?

It depends on what you want to see and how well you want to see it. There are a few 12M 360° cameras that dewarp the defined views and provide clean crisp video. Each of the defined or used views becomes a video feed at the server or NVR. I recently played with such a camera from Aventura, that also had built is IR. For what was being done it performed well.

A few years back we actually designed a custom mount that housed multiple mega pixel cameras so the IT drop was all in one place and the views over lapped. This was great in very busy rail yards where the cameras were on the corner of a building. The area covered was from wall to wall around a corner 100% coverage all the time for about 200ft out from the base of the building (before there was an obstruction).

The Q6000 fixed cameras are about 1M so if your camera is on the second floor of the building your digital zoom will be limited but your situational awareness should be good for about 100 ft. It depends on what you want to see and how well you want to see it.


Is that the highest resolution picture you have of the Hik?

It's looks like DS-7xxxxxxx-4, but it would be easier to poke around with the full part#. Plus the part# might tell us more about its capabilities.

Btw, there is this from Geovision:

I asked Geovision about this months ago, still no response, so not sure if or when it is coming.

Also, here's more from Hikvision China on the 'Eagle Eye' PTZ/Panoramic.

Though this looks to be a single camera which shares two lenses, much like the Axis it seems to be based on, the p5544, agree?

You weren't kidding about learning Chinese.

8 panoramic imagers! Ominous looking awards!

Not understanding your entire objective; you may want to consider the Aventura 360° 12MP camera. It will dewarp the video into 4 very clear, crisp views that are recorded separately and a fifth view of the circular top view, you have the option of how they are configured or not using them all.

Panoramics, even high pixel count ones, typically have very low PPF numbers as the distance to subject increases. The assumption here would be that in addition to situational overview, detailed imaging is required as well, hence the PTZ component.

btw, the Aventura model you mention appears to be eerily similar to this Hik model. Even though Aventura may have 'cut corners' in the enclosure, the Hik is likely to be a bit cheaper, as is often the case with Aventura cameras.

Is the axis-q6000-e recommended for city surveillance proposes? I think it's a good option for a 4 fixed/1 ptz configuration.

The Hikvison alternative is available right now?

"The Hikvison alternative is available right now?"

Depends on your country; In China, I believe so. Rest of the world? Probably not.