ALPR Parking Management Solution

I have a customer that is looking to deploy a solution stop employees from parking in customer parking only parking decks. Currently they are using extra security to patrol the lots and ticket employees who park in these decks. They want to solve this problem with technonigy and use the secuirty team elsewhere.

Is there a ALPR solution can help solve this issue without having a list of employee licenses plates as a black list? Is there a solution that can ID plates and generate reports and/or alarms based off how many times a LP is detected and how long the LP is in the lot?


LP is detected 3 days in a row and car was in the lot for 30min each day. Chances are the LP is from a customer

LP is detected 30 days in a row and car was in the lot for 9 hours each day. Chances are the LP is from a employee

Hey Michael,

Why doesn't the customer want to use a black list? Just curious...

If an ALPR system is set up at the entrance of the customer-only parking deck, it would seem like blacklisting of all employees LPs would be a very easy way to prevent them from parking there.

Maybe the customer is a bit paranoid and thinks that crafty employees will rent cars or some other such thing to beat the black list option? :)

But even if - for whatever reason - they don't want to use blacklists, the same ALPR system at the entrance to the customer-only parking deck can still record the entrance and exit times of all LPs and be able to identify those LPs that park there for the duration of office hours. no?

Are you saying that current ALPR solutions can not do this?

Disclaimer: I have very little experience with ALPR on a technical level.

They don't want to use a list becuase they have 20K employees and they said it would be a nightmare to manage the list.

Since they don't have a license plate DB, how would the ticketing work? Thru the mail, somehow?

Hi Michael,

I don't think you'll find an "out of the box solution" for this application. However, it is possible using LPR and VMS technologies with some custom middleware software to generate your alarm thresholds etc. Our company recently delivered a custom LPR solution for a major car rental company with great results. Message me if your interested in learning more about this.

Hi Michael,

I’m Charles Pitman, Product Marketing Manager for AutoVu™ at Genetec™. One way to avoid using a hotlist/ blacklist would be to monitor duration of stay, as you mentioned, and then generate reports based on a threshold duration (say 6 or 7 hours). You could periodically generate reports spanning a limited time frame (say 1 or 2 weeks, but this is only limited by your retention period for ALPR data) and see whether there are any recurring infractions. You would then enforce the rules (whatever that implies for your customer) and possibly add that License Plate to a unique hotlist of offending employees. This would alert you the next time they show up, and a warning can be presented to them upon arrival. We have seen this type of application often at malls and even some hospitals to prevent abuse in areas reserved for clients and patients, which are frequently convenient parking spots.

Our new gateless parking module, AutoVu™ Free-Flow, includes standard functionality(e.g. Free-Flow Reporting) that would allow you to generate such reports. You would set the convenience time to the parking duration beyond which you would like to be notified, and then use the reporting task to view recurring violations to identify license plates displaying employee behavior. There is also a dashboard (Free-Flow Monitoring) that allows you to monitor all infractions in real time. Other standard tools are included that will allow you to investigate specific vehicles after the fact, and use the data to discover the parking trends of cars in your parking lots.

If you would like any more details or information, feel free to contact me at

Thanks for the responses. I will follow up tomorrow.

LP is detected 30 days in a row and car was in the lot for 9 hours each day. Chances are the LP is from a employee...

And a damn hard-working employee at that! ;)