All These Discussions On Chinese Products Spying... Here Is The Proof...

Another example of why cyber security and product design is critical...

It is unclear if this was done as an attempt to gain information for advertising purposes or a Chinese government effort to collect intelligence.

However, it was apparently carried out by design and was not a bug, and offers a frightening example of how companies can manipulate technology to compromise privacy and monitor cellphone behavior, The Times reported.


Now this makes sense!

Text based personal data (messages/e-mail) provide a lot of bang for the byte, they don't consume much bandwidth to send or store, and are searchable for things like credit card numbers, passwords, e-mail addresses, social security numbers.

The exact opposite of video data.

Maybe if analytical capabilities and bandwidth increase a bit more, it might be more of a threat.

btw, rogue applications on phones also present a backdoor threat that is hard to eliminate.

How deep does the rabbit hole go!

Guess you should not trust a small brand phone manufacturer.

9%+ of people don't network sniff or log / monitor traffic from any internet devices.

I suspect this phone was designed for China only use, and no doubt this is acceptable!

Team iPhone FTW!