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All DVR Rtsp Known Paths

Hi All,

I am writing a Web Application to stream multiple dvr video using rtsp protocol.

Since it's quite difficult for the user to retrieve his own path, my idea would be to automate this process using a procedure to discover it among possible ones.

Is there a known list of all available path that are tipically in such a form:


Regards and happy new year for all


These are pretty useful:

RTSP - SoleraTec

I prefer the first, it seems to be slightly more up to date. You can extract the "CUSTOMPATH" value for your template from them.

There is the Soleratec list for IP cameras. Also, there's a discussion about RTSP and DVRs here. iSpy Connect seems to list some DVR RTSP links along with IP cameras (e.g., Digimerge).

For cameras, I've really appreciated this source:

Connecting iSpy to IP Cameras

first of all i'd like to thank you all for supporting and pretty links. i also need to know if it is possible to remotely get the rtsp path from dvr having known it's ip,port,username and password.once thanks in advance,b0b

Hey bob, mi really interested in your idea for a project of my company. Are you finished your job?! Thanks

let me know...