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Alibi Cameras And NVR

I have a colleague looking at Alibi cameras (IPU3030r and IPV3030rv) and their NVR (NVR5016P). I find it odd that there's hardly a mention of them on IPVM (or anywhere else for that matter). Has anyone deployed these before? Thoughts...concerns? Thanks...r/Chuck

Hello Chuck:

It appears that Alibi is essentially a Hikvision rebrand. Our coverage of Hikvision is pretty extensive, for example this (HDTVI) report published a few days ago.

Overall sentiment about Hik is trending positive, but if you have any specific questions, feel free to ask.

Alibi - Anybody else have a problem trusting a company with this name?

Thanks Brian....

For member's reference, Alibi is a new brand from Supercircuits.

It does appear that it is a re-brand / packaging of Hikvision. This might be appealing to non industry professionals who just want to buy something off the Internet from a known reseller, but for integrators, you can buy Hikvision directly from Hikvision.