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Alarm Company Phone Lines - Forward To Central Station

We still have quite a few Alarm and Fire Systems using phone lines to communicate. For Years we have used Birch Telecom to own the phone numbers we use to program in the panels and forward to the Central Station. These lines have multiple simultaneous call forward feature so we have enough paths in case of multiple alarm system dial in. Is this what others do ?We havent moved Central Stations (in over 10 years but want the option to if needed) are there other providers? I know AT&T owns the lines but i never can get a straight answer out of them... We use local numbers for this and have a 800 but they charge per min. So we use this wisely. Can you buy bulk 800 min? Is there other serivices to call in and convert to ip? Seems like the phone lines at some point convert to VOIP and signals are not being transmitted successfully. this is for local and long distance. We are trying to promote upgrades to GSM and IP Communicators but we still have alot of older panels using 4/2 format. Everyday there are issues with the phone lines with CID and SIA and we switch the panel for the week and it works then switch back in a few weeks.

This isn't likely the right forum. I have built and moved central stations so this is a familiar issue with new options. Guys in the CSAA might help. Also depends where you are. I have a few friends that might offer help. Send info through John. The title didn't inspire me to read this until today ;)