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Alarm.Com Pro VSaaS - Good Or Bad?

What is your experience with ALARM.COM 720p I.P. Cameras and Pro Video?

Hello, you get CIF with 7.5 FPS its a videoclip of 90 sec, each time. Storage depnds of how muh events do you have there, and how many cameras do you have there also. But very easily you can get more than 15 days of events in the cluod, Of course if you have reached your quota, Videos will be stored as FIFO, and you will have priority of videos when the system is alarmed. Its good to say that yu may need a good Internet wideband provider, It depends totally of that service in order for you to have the signal recorded. Probably is not an issu in your country but it is in mine.

Virgil, good explanation. Felipe, great feedback.

I am curious about the storage structure. It's quite low, even for hosted video standards. How often is that an issue? How much video and of what quality does one get with such limits?

We are a company in Mexico handling We have installed these cameras and have no problems so far, very reliable, very easy and enough for what you pay. Its not really a solution for everyone. You need to explain the customer that he will not have recorded video all the time, becasue the service is based in clips that are recorded accordingly to a rule, even its armed or not, but you need to put the rules. Also you can see live video. For some cutomers its ideal and price is good. Most for small business and home alrming. Is not a solution for more than 4 cameras, I think. Uptime of the site is excellent, and you dont need nothing about rent or use a free DNS service, they provide the service for you. For me is good, the models they offer are enough for this type of customers, you dont need more. The key point is not only offer the Video part of this service, but all benefits as Alarm and home automation.

Pro Video is the name of their cloud access and storage.

There's two plans. Pro Video (50MB, upto 4 cameras) and Pro Video Plus (250MB, up to 8 cameras). Users can purchase additional storage in increments of 250MB.

Dealers sell 720p I.P. Wi-Fi cameras or an encoder and supply your own analogue cameras.


The ALARM.COM 720p I.P. Wi-Fi cameras are economy, but serve the needs of homeowners and small business typically needing 1-2 cameras. As of now there is not a local storage option - all video alarms must be stored and accessed on the cloud. will soon be releasing their own SVR (NVR) for local recording.

The benefit to the dealer is an RMR opportunity that is charged to access the cloud.

I want to know:

1. Who has actually installed these products?

2. What problems did you run into and how did you overcome?

3. How reliable is the video storage?

Virgil, is 'Pro' a specific offering for them? Do you have a link to it? Here is's general video section.