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Airship Hybrid DVR Integration

Has anyone had any experience with the Airship Hybrid DVR?

I have an Exacq Vision system that is currently at a Client's location, that we had done on a local level, but now the corporate folks are deploying Airship DVRs (I believe they're hybrid) so the corporate people can look at the video remotely. Our EV system has 4x 4ch analog encoders and 5x IP cameras (2x Arecont 20MP 360, 1x Arecont 20MP 180, 2x fixed IP). We are also about to add another 20MP 360.

I am thinking of have the Airship folks just connect to the web side of the EV server and pull the video streams directly into the Airship system, but I don't know how the Airship systems handle IP. If I can use RSTP streams or what. I can't really find any info on them.

Any info would be great.

I just called their toll free number and support picked up right away and I spoke to a human :)

I'd recommending calling 877-462-4250 and talking to them.

I could not find a user manual online but he said he would email a copy as well.

Yeah, I called and got a human as well, but all of their techs were on the line and they weren't really wanting to get me any information. They said to call back when I'm in front of the machine and they'll walk me through what ever I need to do.

I was expressing that I wanted to do my research on the system BEFORE I'm sitting in front of the client so that I don't look like a fool. That explination didn't help.

I was just asking exactly how the machine handles IP video connections. Are they URLs, can I use RSTP streams, or what.

In the mean while, I'm trying to find RSTP URLs for the Arecont SurroundVideo cameras. Good times.

Thank you for posting that. I'm checking it out now.

There was also this Server Setup Guide.

Only I-spy connect had any connection info, though it looks to be for http and may just be for their cameras and/or snapshots...

  • JPEG http://IPADDRESS/live?camera=[CHANNEL]&framerate=5
  • MJPEG http://IPADDRESS/live?codec=mjpeg&camera=[CHANNEL]

On the other hand I saw quite a few iOS and android clients that claimed explicit support for the DVR, so it's probably just a matter of getting Wireshark going and poking around. Good luck!

I called back and asked again for a manual. Airship responded, "Due to government contracts, we cannot provide you with a user manual."

That's really, really strange.

Have you tried

RTSP URL rtsp://camera_ip/h264.sdp

for ArecontSurround?

Thank everyone so much for the info. I have been crash coursing. I found RSTP info for the Arecont 180 & 360 Surround Video cameras as well as Panasonic 4ch Encoders.

Undisclosed B, thank you for the link.

I had my client send me the model number off of the box. Uhhhh. Yeah, It appears to be a HikVision analog unit that is sold overseas. The model number is DS-7216HFI-SH, which turns out to be an Analog H.264 DVR. They said there were other boxes, so... I'm waiting for the photo on those.

Here is the RSTP info I have, in the event that others can use the information.

Panasonic- rtsp://ip_address/MediaInput/h264
WJ-GXE500 4 chanel encoder, use the following format:
rtsp://<ip address>/MediaInput/h264/stream_1/ch_1
rtsp://<ip address>/MediaInput/h264/stream_1/ch_2
rtsp://<ip address>/MediaInput/h264/stream_1/ch_3
rtsp://<ip address>/MediaInput/h264/stream_1/ch_4

Sony- rtsp://ip_address/media/video1

Arecont- rtsp://camera_ip/h264.sdp
replace the 1600 x 1200 (2mp), 2560 x 1920 (5mp)
or change the resolution from full to half (res=half)

Thanks again, everyone.