AHD Cameras For $10 - What In The World?

Is this really what the market is coming to?

Obviously, I suspect they are poor quality, no support, etc. but, good grief, who can even offer them at this type of pricing.

Anyone have any intel or understanding of what the strategy behind this tactic / marketing is?

The analog cameras are now about as cheap as a cup of Starbucks:

Also there are crazy things like this one:

You can change betwwen diferent technologies????

Mostrando 20150616171803141.jpg

Where does CHINA is taking us to go??


The picture did not come through but I believe you are talking about the magical AHD / CVI / TVI camera, see: Beware: The Magical HD Analog Converter.

Also, we are in the process of buying 4 of them for the grand sum of $98, including tax. I still think it's insane to use in production but it's obviously drawing enough attention we need to test them.

"We are often asked: How can we offer such low pricing?"

"Simple, we don't print cents! Ink is our biggest expense, but this way we literally save you dollars on the penny!"

Not that it makes much difference but with the ad above it looks like to you need to purchase in bulk to get the pricing, either 24 or 36 cameras.

It's the number of LED's I believe.

Lol, either way, you are probably going to spend more on shipping than on the product. All in though, 24 cameras, $400 max is quite a price.