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After How Many Years, Why Is NUUO Still Severely Bug Ridden?

Ok, so I went to upgrade my NUUO software to the latest version...BIG MISTAKE!

I go to click to bring a camera to large size on matrix, the client freezes up and crashes. I go to click on a server, and it is sending all the cameras to matrix in the full resolution stream, which is resource intensive and crashes the program. Did not have these problems on previous version.

After how many years, why is their software still so buggy, and why dont they listen to their customers?

Take any other VMS software whether it be Geovision, Hikvision, is a hell of alot cheaper, and definately alot more reliable with alot less bugs.

The features in NUUO are great, but the company itself is a shit show. They have got to get it together because they will NOT survive in the next few years- their product is NOT gold...far from it. Other VMS companies are competing and will kick NUUO out of the ring.

You're in luck, Frank and/or Jesse are ready to help over here.

1, which version or line of NUUO are you using? The older Mainconsole or the newer Crystal?

Mainconsole has certainly not kept pace with the overall development of the industry. Crystal, which we have tried, but not formally tested, did seem far more modern.

As #2 indicated, you are not the only one to complain about NUUO: NUUO Falling Apart? Anyone Else Having Problems With Communication And Resolving Tech Issues?

FWIW, I don't find GV to have less bugs or be cheaper.


I concur.

Since I'm more familiar with Taiwan vendors. GeoVision is in a better shape than NUUO. I believe the thread NUUO Falling Apart? Anyone Else Having Problems With Communication And Resolving Tech Issues? is very clear. NUUO will hardly survive in the next several years. GeoVision is having tough time too. At least they got broader product portfolio and they make their own products, although at a slower pace. The way I see it, GeoVision will last several more years than NUUO but that doesn't mean it doesn't suffer from Chinese cut throat pricing competition. It's sad to see this happening.

"Still buggy after all these years..."

So I guess my question then is what is a good vms like those two on features and pricing, but more stable and doesnt take u to he bank on pricing

In my limited experience, GeoVision is pricier. GeoVision's VMS 15 ironed out LOTS of bugs so it should be better than previous VMS 14 (which was a disaster). NUUO's Crystal is their current offering but as you will see some of the customer noted here the support may not that responsive and the bugs may take long for their RD to fix it.....In my limited experience with GeoVision they seemed to be a bit more responsive (still the timezone difference between east and west) than NUUO but maybe I'm just being lucky. Your mileage may vary, I'm just speaking based on my limited experience. Personally I would try to stay away from the ones that I consider wouldn't make it over the next few years.

As a point of information, Geovision has a market valuation of 14x that of NUUO.

  • NUUO market cap: 339 million NTD = ~$10 million USD
  • Geovision market cap: 4.7 billion NTD = ~$144 million USD

NUUO faces a lot more immediate risk than Geovision.

I originally talked up NUUO, however the problems we've had with the latest version of Mainconsole are the same as the ones described by the discussions creator.

Unfortunately, NUUO is proving way too unreliable now, and simply not worth the risk.

Tom, What product line do you lean towards if you think Nuuo is no bueno?

Can you clarify on the issues you are having with what version of the Nuuo product?

Just trying to keep my business afloat if they are not holding up.

Many Thanks.