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Advidia Cameras - Advice?

Has anyone used or tested these units? Are these suitable for a prison project?

Advidia = VideoInsight = OEM of some Asian cameras / encoders.

Unless you want an end to end VideoInsight solution, there's many mature IP camera manufacturers to pick from.

That is my thought as well. I am up against someone who is pitching that solution and I am not as familiar as I should be about the VideoInsight / Advidia line. I typically stick the more mature, proven lines especially in Gov projects.

Honestly i had never even heard of Advidia until now.

No shame in not having heard of them until now. It's really just a division of VideoInsight, which is not huge in itself.

Historically, people said that Advidia's cameras are re-brands of Hikvision or ACTi. Their camera line up is fairly generic, except for the weird 4MP versions, which look like re-brands of the old ACTi series.

If your competitor is pitching Advidia, I'd counter with the fact that they are not a real manufacturer and the risks one take in such an approach.

Digging this back up, is it just me or do a lot of the Advidia cameras look just like HIKVision cameras?