Advidia A-34W Always Recording


We have 9 Advidia A-34W cameras installed at one of our research buildings and all were configured the same by the integrator. I have one camera that is constantly recording (day & night) even though I have gone in and set up Motion detection and zones. Looking at the live video it looks like the camera is constantly focusing(?); the grass below the camera appears to be moving. Would there be any settings such as gain or white balance that I could try adjusting to resolve this or could I have a bad camera?

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Mike K

Are all the other cameras able to deal with the same amount of grass movement without causing continual refocusing?

If the problem camera's scene is more challenging then the rest, you could see if you could get away with lowering the sensitivity of the motion detection for that one camera.

Are they all A-34Ws? I'm not seeing that that model has a remote zoom/focus in any event, so I am not sure what would be causing a focusing type of effect.

This is the only camera that has grass in the view. I did lower the sensitivity and changed the motion zones to only the areas with concrete pads, but still no joy.

Have you tried setting anything that is Auto to Manual, like day/night, iris, white balance etc?

Just in case it is stuck in a boundary condition.

Second the request for a clip if possible, also.

Can you share a screenshot? It might be easier to tell by seeing it. If you don't want it public you can email to

Mike, feedback from Advidia:

"Without seeing a picture, it is hard to say for certain, but we would guess it is most likely a gain/iris settings. We may even need to have two separate settings for day and night mode, which is possible depending on the firmware they are using. The when we see the cameras record too often during the day, it was because of the way the cameras were handling the amount of light and reflections coming in off the ground or from nearby windows. The camera is a fixed lens device so the ‘focus’ effect he describes is probably being caused by the camera trying to adjust to the amount of light coming into the sensor.

If you can give him our support line at 713-621-9779, we will be happy to remote into his system and take a look."

I planned to talk to the installer but I wanted to have more knowledge of camera set up so I do not get too much of a run around.

By the way I have talked with their tech support regarding other issues and they are excellent!


Update on this issue. The camera in question was set to "Record Always" in the VMS; I somehow missed that setting when trying to debug the problem at the beginning.


Cheers to you Michael for updating the thread.

I have suspected that when a problem is determined by the OP to be something minor that was overlooked in the beginning, that the thread never gets updated.

And then it just sits on the books forever as some strange anomaly.