Advice On Hikvision Ds-9632ni-I8 32-Channel NVR

I have been using the Hikvision iVMS-4200 client and iVMS-4200 Storage Server (I dedicate 1 drive for the Storage Server) on my desktop workstation running 24x7. I'm using 6 Hikvision high end POE cameras on my 1 Gig home network and I event record using the camera analytics (line crossing, intrusion dectection, and motion detection) to trigger recording. Cat 6 cable from all cameras to the network. Performance is very good when my system hasn't crashed.

I am using Win 10 x64 and every couple of days my system has a forced reboot which kills iVMS because it leaves the workstation at the login screen and the iVMS-4200 not operating. Always happens between 10:00 PM and 6:00 AM. I've checked "Windows Reliability History' and it tells me nothing except Windows shut down unexpectedly. So, a dedicated NVR looks good.

I contacted Hikvision and for their high end cameras (3 of mine are 4K cameras) they recommended the DS-9632Ni-I8:

Sounds like it will work but I need some advice on using the NVR.

  1. I want to manage the NVR using a web browser. No monitor or keyboard on the NVR-just a stand alone black box like the Synology Diskstation Surveillance Package. (can't use that because it doesn't support my high end Hikvision cameras with the analytics I use). Anybody try this and how does it work.
  2. Is the built in software on the NVR going to allow me to use the camera analytics to trigger event recording?
  3. My current iVMS-4200 storage server (on the workstation) uses a 2TB drive so I don't need much NVR storage (probably get 4TB. I like this one:

As long as I can treat the NVR as a stand alone box and login in to manage, playback and live view it from my Desktop I'd be happy. Then I could shut my workstation down at night and, hopefully, get the reliability I seek.

Any help is appreciated.


Jim Kirk

Hi Jim,

Are you recording at 4096x2160 on the 4K cameras, or did you decrease the resolution?

If you need it right away, the 9632 is Hik's smallest NVR that currently supports 4K recording. If you wait a month or two, the DS-7608NI-I2/8P should be out and much more cost-effective. It has the added bonus of PoE on-board, which is nice depending on your setup.

Best of luck!

Thanks for the input.

Here my camera list with resolution and fps.

  1. DS-2DF8336IV-AEL (PTZ-by far my favorite camera with the smart tracking). Recorded @2048x1536 - 22fps.
  2. DS-2CD4585F-IZH (4K Dome-#1). 4096x2160 - 24 fps
  3. DS-2CD4585F-IZH (4K Dome-#2). 4096x2160 - 24 fps
  4. DS-2CD4A65F-IZH (6MP Dome). 3072x2048 - 24fps
  5. DS-2CD2342WD-I (4MP Turret - #1). 2688x1520 - 20 fps
  6. DS-2CD2342WD-I (4 MP Turret - #2). 2688x1520 - 20 fps

I got this response to my 3 questions from Steve Bocking (Hikvision USA Product Manager of Software).

  1. You can manage the NVR using a web-browser, or you could view and manage it in the iVMS-4200 client software. If you haven’t seen it before, below is screen shot of 9632i GUI on analytic config section.
  2. Yes
  3. You will be able to log-in as a standalone device or as mentioned thru iVMS-4200

I'm looking into the DS-7608NI-I2/8P but I'm so frustrated with my current situation I will probably buy before the end of the week.


Oh wow, I totally glanced over the three questions.

All three answers are spot on (as expected from the manufacturer directly). I find it easier to manage directly from the web, but I expect that is a personal preference.

One thing I'm still not clear about is how to do the initial NVR setup.

  1. Will I have to get a VGA (or HDMI input) monitor and attach it to the DS-9632Ni-I8 for initial setup?
  2. Or can I do initial set up via a web interface after I hook up my network cable and turn the DS-9632Ni-I8 power on? I'm hoping the NVR will acquires a DHCP network address and I can then use a browser interface to configure the NVR.


You can use the VGA or HDMI input and connect a mouse to the NVR or get SADPTool from Hikvision to activate and set the NVR to DHCP.

Great. Got an open HDMI port on my dektop monitor and lots of USB mice so I should be all set for one time initial setup of the NVR.

Hi Jim,

Jumping on this a little late, but I did notice one limitation on playback when connecting to several different models of Hikvision NVRs (including the 9632 series) via the browser as you desire. The fast forward/reverse playback speed is limited to 4X which makes scanning through recordings quite tedious.

Viewing directly from the NVR you have access to up to 128X and even "Max Speed" speed-ups. I had to set up a monitor and mouse for this purpose for one of my clients. They had to scroll through some very high traffic footage (so motion detection was triggering all the time) and 4X did not cut it, took way too long.

Not sure what the limitation is with iVMS-4200 or if this can be increased via firmware upgrades, but I would guess the limitation is more browser plugin related.

Maybe someone with more experience can correct me if I'm wrong.

Something to keep in mind, other than that they have been working great.


Hi Brian,

The NVR I ended up purchasing was:

Hikvision DS-9632NI-I8-8TB 32Ch 4K Network Video Recorder, 8TB

I also purchased a new monitor for my desktop PC W10 workstation:


B&H# NEPA322UHDB2 : Mfr# PA322UHDBK2

The Win10 PC Workstation is connected to the NEC with a DisplayPort cable and operates at 3840x2160 @60Hz. The NVR is connected to an HDMI port on the NEC and the NVR outputs at 3840x2160 @30Hz (amazingly impressive on a 32" monitor).

When the PC desktop is off or the PC put the screen into sleep mode, I set up the NEC to auto switch to the NVR. Moving the mouse or touching the keyboard wakes the PC and the W10 display resumes.

The latest windows version of iVMS-4200 is V2.5.0.5:

It can be installed as a lite version or full version. I use the lite version since the NVR is storing my data.

I find I can play back video on iVMS-4200 at x16 which is the highest playback speed available in the software.

If I use the NVR for playback (I have a Logitech wireless USB mouse that is attached to the NVR) I can playback at one speed higher than x64 which is called xMax on the NVR(its faster than x64 but is it x128 or higher-it is very very quick). Quite impressive.

I now shut down the computer at night, turn off the display, and let the NVR do the work.

Solution worked quite well and I have sure learned a lot about how to use Hikvision cameras with the Hikvision NVR.


Thanks for sharing the details Jim! Good to see you can get a little higher playback with iVMS-4200.