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ADT Pulse - Anyone Have Experience With It?

Hello All, The ADT Pulse website is vague, I have few questions:

  • Is it $59 for unlimited number of cameras,or just the first 4?
  • Can you pay more and get longer than 7 days?
  • Cameras look consumer grade, are they any good?
  • How is the software?
  • Is it plug and play or do it requires you to open ports?

Thanks in advance.

Hello, Rob:

1) Pulse Premier includes SERVICE for two cameras for $60/month. Local promotions may change this. Additional cameras and service cost extra, usually ~$120 per camera and ~$20/m for service.

2) Up to 30 days retention is max. Cost seems to vary on this point but it is at least $100/m.

3) Only 'Pulse' branded cameras can be used (from Sercomm), and both performance and flexibilty are modest. Definelty not 'professional grade'.

4) I've seen the Pulse app, it seemed easy enough to use. Of course programming takes place online or via installer, but most functions could be easily reached.

5) Pulse uses it's own router and/or GSM module. It's not plug 'n play in a general networking sense.

Thanks Brian. I talked to an ADT dealer and he said they charge $59/M is for unlimited # of cameras which didnt make sence.