ADI W Box Cameras With Hikvision NVR?

So long story short, the street I park on is under contruction, had to park elsewhere. Had a friend of the family who owns a small local pharmacy down the street who offered their parking spots. Great, still close to home.

Wake up this morning to find mine, and three other memebers of the households vehicles broken into. Many other people on the street as well.

Owner of the pharmacy was looking for some cameras anyways, this expidited the whole ordeal. They're short on cash, and i get it. They wanted Costco cameras, I figured at the very least I could do HIK Vision. I've used it before, they're great, cheap cameras.

So I head on down to ADI, picked out the camera and the NVR (plug and play DS-7604). A guy from another security company is there and he is buying some Wbox stuff to try out. He says it's just like HIK Vision, and sure enough it is (I had not previously read the articles on here about Wbox).

[IPVM Note: ADI's W Box Tested]

The Wbox camera was almost $100 cheaper than the HIK equivilant, but they didn't have any 4 channel WBox NVR's in stock, and the owner of the pharmacy swears she'll never have more than 2 cameras (1 outside, 1 inside).

I bought the Wbox camera anyways (along with the HIK Vision equivilant) since I figured the Wbox should work. ADI mentioned something about maybe having to update firmware.

But that's where I've hit a snag. The WBox camera is using the 5.2v firmware, and won't add into the plug in play NVR. It shows up on the camera listing as a fifth camera, but nothing.

I downloaded a few versions of HIK Vision firmware, but they all fail when trying to upload to the camera.

So my question is, anyone else had any experience trying to get the Wbox to work on a HIK Vision NVR? OR should I just install the HIK camera and return the Wbox? (Owner of the pharmacy did already agree to the cost of the HIK Vision camera, just trying to save her some more money.)

What version firmware is the NVR running? Is it the latest?

The NVR says it's running V3.0.9

Check your exact model number before the firmware upgrade, I think this might be the newest version for your model. V3.0.15 Build 150528

Compatible Models:





Hi Daniel,

The latest revision of NVR firmware should be 3.3.4 (DS-76xxNI-E1(E2) is what I see on the HikvisionUSA FTP site, not sure if the file matches up with the NVR you are using).

I have used Wbox cameras on Hikvision 7316 TurboHD DVRs and they work nicely.

Four things to try:

1) Upgrade the firmware on the DVR and see what happens
2) Change the password on the Wbox cameras to the deafult 12345 password that the NVR is looking for
3) Change the IP settings in the NVR from auto to manual and use the existing Wbox camera password
4) Bite the bullet and get a PoE switch (the Trendnet TPE-S44 is pretty reasonable for a 4-camera setup)

Best of luck!

Going to try updating the firmware. I hadn't tried changing the password yet, but I did try entering it manually and it would not take.

I've changed the password and will give that a shot first, and then update the NVR.

What's the exact model? see above

Apparently all it took was changing the password. That's so weird.

I guess I need to start going back to assuming the easy solutions first before jumping to the harder ones haha.

Thank you everyone for your help, and thanks John for the e-mail, I will contact them if I have further problems.

Anyone know if it's worth updating the firmware anyways? Did they fix something that was an issue with the 3.0.9? I don't see a change log on their website.

It just says "New password strategy" and "bug fixes".