ADI To Open Mini Stores - Good Or Bad Idea?

ADI has announced a new branch, its first ADI "Express" store, that is less than half the size of its traditional 99 US ADI locations.

ADI explained that "we’ve found that after an hour of drive time to get there, customers don’t visit the branch much,” Flink says. “With this new model, we want to make it more convenient for installers in places that are under-served in the marketplace but that are still good markets."

Retail stores overall are in decline but stores for surveillance / security are certainly far less saturated than typical consumer stores.

What do you think? Do you want an ADI store closer to you?

I could see the need. Here in Canada if you do security work in Saskatchewan you are pretty screwed if you need stuff. Everything has to be shipped as there are no branches at all. Can't even go to Tri-Ed cause there isn't one of them either.

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