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ADI Has Practically No Inventory On Skybell.

I have a Skybell on my home, and several of my customers have them as well.  Recently a customer wanted to upgrade to the Skybell HD so I checked ADI and found nothing in inventory at my local branch.  I checked their nationwide stock and see 1 is available.  Hoping to get one right away, I went to my local Best Buy, where I bought them before and found no Skybell products and a clerk told me they do not carry the Skybell wifi doorbell.

Honeywell's Total Connect is compatible with Skybell, so it seems Honeywell decided to partner with Skybell for a wifi doorbell feature.  I believe partner's with Ring.

I searched the web for any recent news about Skybell, and found nothing about what might be happening.  


A couple of days ago, another member posted: Skybell STILL Out Of Stock At ADI, Anyone Heard Anything?

Feedback from ADI: The traditional round version has been in stock, the new slimline has been out. Will take a few more weeks to get fully caught up.

I checked all models and see nothing in inventory at my local branch.  I checked their inventory on Ring and see about 2500 nationwide.  Seems like we're going to say goodbye to Skybell.

I mean ADI can and will bring in supplies from another branch for you if you order it. Just because it's not there local doesn't mean you can't order it. I mean you can't get it same day, but within 2-3 days for sure.

I have no stake in ADI or Skybell, but it seems rash to say good bye to a product because your local branch doesn't currently have inventory, but can bring in what you need from another branch.

Actually, on ADI's website you'll see the inventory levels of a certain product in the State, as well as their regional center, and nationwide.  So, given all of those sources showing zero or one in inventory on Skybell products, it appears they're no longer going to be a distributor for Skybell.  Maybe I'm wrong, but Best Buy no longer carries Skybell, which is where I would usually buy them. So, there might be something brewing here that doesn't bode well for Skybell.

Or it could be a manufacturing backorder. Ubiquiti has this issue all the time.


Manufacturers back orders do happen...

I’d recommend contacting Seton Kasmir from Skybell directly to inquire on this.  He’ll generally get things turned around pretty quickly, though one note of advice, due to new firmware planning and hurdles related to them, they’ve been holding up inventory everywhere, even on their own website.


ADI is still showing 0 stock on Skybell and the outages appear essentially unchanged since the end of July.

We cant get any straight answers from Alarm.Com on this either. What the heck is going on?

It is my understanding there is a shortage of a specialized component, possibly a capacitor, that is causing not only delays with Skybell, but also with Hikvision Door Stations, among other brands and models. Im not exactly sure a "capacitor" is to blame, but it is definitely a component of these products which is causing the constraints. 

oddly enough, we just received 15 skybells from ADC

Local rep said it was due to manufacturing issue


adi has them in stock but doesn’t show them in stock on their web site. You have to ask for the.  They are hoarding them while waiting for stock to come in. 


Skybell’s own website and amazon shows them out of stock. Pretty bad move whatever the reason. In my opinion it’s one of the best door bell units on the market (no fees, great  video quality)

I hope they survive this.