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Adding Streams From DW-VAONE To Spectrum

We are always experimenting with things and are trying to view HD analog cameras connected to a Digital Watchdog VAONE via our Spectrum VMS.  When we connect a Dahua HD-CVI DVR and cameras, Spectrum sees them by simply adding the IP address of the DVR.  Connecting to the VAONE, entering the IP address and username/password, it finds nothing.  I tried entering it as an RTSP stream(rtsp://admin:admin01@ and it sees it, but no video. Anyone have any ideas?  Maybe the RTSP stream is wrong?

I found a tech bulletin from DW that specified this for adding a channel to "Spot Monitor". Knowing that this is likely different than Spectrum, I tried it and Spectrum acknowledges the url, but it shows up as "Unauthorized".


The stream looks good, but try changing the subtype to 1.  That will check for a lower bandwidth substream.

Adding new device:(rtsp://admin:admin01@, displays "No Signal".

(rtsp:// and 

(rtsp:// both show "Unauthorized Please check authentication information in camera settings"

If I try to add the VAONE as a device(IP address, port 80, username/password), Spectrum does not even see it at all?

DW tech support told me that we should be able to "view the cameras in Spectrum, but not record".

Everything is on the sam LAN.

Port 80 is http for a web interface, like a web page where you would manually sign in.  You can not get a direct video feed through port 80.

Now the bad news, It's not gonna happen.  I should have noticed this sooner, but rtsp is for IP cameras, not CVI or Analog.

I was hoping that that  there might be a way to do this.  I know that we originally added a Dahua HDCVI DVR to Exacq using RTSP and it seemed to work fine.  Using Spectrum, the same Dahua DVR was simply added using the IP address.

Thanks for your response!

Stream generator

This may help.  Also, the output of a HD-DVR is h.264.


I was really expecting that the DW DVR would somehow work with DW Spectrum, but that is does not seem to be the case.  I understand that the DW encoder is intended to work with Spectrum, but we were looking for a lower cost option if there are only a couple of HD analog cameras involved.

I haven't tried rtsp with Dahua DVRs, but I know for a fact that you can pull individual camera streams from a Hikvision DVR.