Adding LPR To DW Spectrum?

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On an existing DW Spectrum system what would be the most economical solution for a single LPR camera? (just looking to have all plates read and either overlaid onto the recording or added to some sort of database. No need to search against public databases) Currently using a mix of Axis and Hikvision cameras at this site (mix of smart and value line) .

The camera would be mounted at the entrance to a warehousing yard. The entrance to the yard is one single lane in each direction. Cars and trucks turn into the yard from the street so speed is slow (around 5mph) Lighting is great during the day, nights not to much light, just area streetlights.

DW has an IP LPR camera...I have used their AHD cameras and they have worked very well day and night... 


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Hi Sean:

Our LPR cameras do not include the analytic you are wanting to use. We use the term LPR due to the cameras being set up to clearly capture a plate image. I am sure that many of the people on IPVM can suggest a third-party analytic to interpret the plate number and store it if you choose our camera.

We are actively working toward adding more intelligence to our cameras, but nothing to announce for this application right now.

FYI: The next rev of DW Spectrum IPVMS (3.2) will work with cameras that interpret the plates with an on-board analytic (the capture is triggered as an event).

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That really helps. Do you know how the event would show up in DW 3.2? Would it just show as an event and I would then have to view the video, or would it list the plate in the log?


If you already have Axis cameras in place, you may be able to drop the IPCONFIGURE LPR software plug in onto them and turn them into self contained LPR cameras.  Q1765 works best



Thanks Scott,

Have you used that setup before? Do you know how detailed the ipconfigure lpr software is on the reads?

Sorry, I just saw this.   Yes, I did do some testing with the IPCONFIGURE on an Axis 1765.   The camera was able to pick up the plates with reasonable accuracy. What I found a bit annoying was when a vehicle with a logo moved across the camera's field of view laterally, the camera would try to read the logo as a plate.  Not a big deal, just annoying.


The interface was pretty simplistic, but got the job done. The other thing to know is that when you use the IPCONFIGURE software, it essentially disables the camera. You lose the ability to actually view video from the camera on your VMS. So, if you want live video from that view AND LPR, you'd have to put 2 cameras next to each other. (as opposed to Genetec's AutoVu system, which does both video and LPR).  Having said THAT, the AutoVu is 3x the price

Something I DID like about it was the ability to very quickly make white lists/black lists. You just entered in the plate # and it would pop up highlighted in the spreadsheet.


I think that they will give you a 30 day demo, so if you happen to have a compatible Axis camera laying around, give it a shot