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Accounting Software - Proposals, Work Orders, Invoicing, Payables, Payroll - What Should A Smaller Integrator Use?

We are looking for a new all in 1 accounting software. Any suggestions? Currently using Z Microtech but it is dated and limited for Work Orders, Proposals, and Receivables (No Customization). Then Quickbooks for Payables and Payroll. We are a smaller company with 12 employees.

Perhaps SedonaOffice as an all in one solution might be a good fit?

Or you could use WeSuite for preparing estimates, work orders and change orders and integrate that into your existing Quickbooks system.

I have no problems using Quickbooks for payables and payroll. Do you like WeSuite? Seems to be alot of choices out there. Trying to make the right choice. I made the wrong choice with Z Microtech and spent a lot of money and time.

I used WeEstimate with a previous employer. It took a while for them to get it set up and our proposal docs to look and function properly. But once the initial kinks were worked out and everyone was trained, it worked very well for preparing estimates and proposals. I wish I had it with my current employer.

Peachtree (apparently now called Sage 50) is a popular choice for many smaller service companies in my area. I know several alarm installers and structured cabling companies in my area that use it.

It looks like if you use ACT as your customer relationship /quote management tool, all the records integrate and pull through.

May want to try quickbooks online. They also have a great call support staff. $40 per month, and you can stop any time. Would suggest you work with an accountant to set it up .

Sedona Office

Do you do Residential? What software does your Central Station use?


I have used several small business accounting systems to run businesses from 1 to 50 employees. We purchased a system and paid for a lot for customization up front and every year there after. We just converted to Quickbooks 2014. The options for various types of businesses are great and you should be able to find a package that would be close to what you need. There is no perfect fit but you can get close. We do a lot of government work and are constantly involved in audits. The auditors like quickbooks because it has been tested and it is easy to trace transactions. Big plus is that there are experienced quickbooks trained people in the work force.

I've used a product called UDA Construction Suite in the past. Not the best tool but not the worst.

Does your Quickbooks 2014 do re occurring invoicing automatically? What do you use for Proposals and Work Orders? 3rd party that integrates with QB 14?