Access Lock Calculator Idea

Overwhelming positive reception of IPVM's Camera Calculator has us thinking about other security design tools.

One of these ideas is an 'Access Door Hardware Configurator' which would help users find the right piece of electrified hardware to secure a door.

The idea: Users would answer a series of (6-10) questions about their opening, and the answer would give them a type of lock that best matches the door.

Take this example door:

The questions would drill down to a specific answer, ie:

1. How often is opening used per hour?

A: 6 - 12 times per hour

2. Is opening a Single or Double door?

A: Single

3. Describe Door Swing:

A: Left Hand Reverse

4. Frame Type/Profile?

A: Aluminum Thin Frame

5. Is this a Fire Door?

A: No

6. Does this door have an Exit Device or Lever?

A: Exit Device

7. Is this door equipped with a Closer?

A: No

Based on the answers, the answers would steer the designer to a list of lock options with the first being 'best option' on the basis of cost, installability, and complexity (with codes or mechanically):

  1. "Surface Mounted Strike"
  2. "Electric Latch Retraction Kit"
  3. "Medium duty Maglock, with RTE Devices"

These recommendations are characterized by the physical door, how existing hardware is mounted, how often it is used, and other special ratings (UL Fire, etc).

There are risks to oversimplifying this, due to the wide range of door/hardware types and because Life Safety Codes (ie: illegal maglocks) are applied so differently. However, we could work to solve those programmatically with additional questions.

The key value would be for inexperienced access designers to improve the types of hardware they use and to avoid making dangerous or needlessly expensive choices.

Do you think this would be valuable for you? What would you like to see with this calculator?