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Access Control With Turnstile?


I have a job to install a fingerprint system with time attendance for a turnstile on a construction site but the turnstile has a motor and I'm not sure how to go about integrating it. Any advice would be appreciated.


Hello James:

This is a fun application. Do you have a make/model on the turnstile?

I'm not clear on what the motor does here. Does it mechanically turn the turnstile? Usually the turnstile is not 'locked' by a motor (but a solenoid or similar) so that sounds a little uncommon.

The way to tackle this: the motor is triggered to turn somehow/somewhere. That point is where you connect the controller outputs on the access reader. You probably need a relay to get it done.

If you can share more details, we can get a deeper answer.

Thanks Brian. No, it's got no markings on it (really annoying!) and yes, the motor turns the turnstile (the turnstile is one of those vertical ones that you get at stadiums) and it only spins once activated.

Wow. When it is activated now, how is it turned on?

Can you post some pictures of the turnstile and it's internal workings? Maybe that will help.