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Access Control Readers That Will Support Contact Smart Cards C

Does such access control door reader or solution exist in the market place? It can be dual purpose: contact and contactless but we need the contact part to deal with legacy smart (SLE4442 and SLE5542) cards.


Which contactless formats do you need to read?

Do you need to read both IDs at the same door?

Can you have more than one reader at the door?

For contactless any MiFare will do. It is not a must to read both formats at the door, it's a nice to have but I do need the contact type card SLE4442 or SLE5542 at the door.


One reader at the door only

The only SLE4442 and SLE5542 types I have been able to find are:

  • Motel-style 'all in one' locks, where the reader is integrated into a lockset, or
  • A USB (non-mullion or wall mountable) logical reader meant to be used with a laptop

Being those are older 'non secure' types, this isn't that surprising, but I at least presumed at least one weigand reader would be available. I've reached out to a few manufacturers for help. I'll update here when they respond!

Many thanks Brian

I found one reader, Identive PACT PAT125,

Finally the Identive PACT PAT125 contact smart card reader does not support SLE4442 type cards as they are of the synchronous type

Thanks for the update. I have not received any answer different than "We do not have an SLE44/5542 reader" for the manufacturers I asked.