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Access Control Readers: Indoor Vs. Outdoor

I'm trying to develop an estimate of the breakout of where physical access control readers of all types (PIN, biometric, 125 kHz, 13.56 MHz, etc.) are installed. Based on your experience, what percentage of readers of any type are installed at portals that exit the facility (to the outdoors) vs. those that control interior portals?

In my experience, the first priority of access is controlling outside perimeter doors, and even small systems focus here.

The breakdown varies according to the type/use of building, but I might estimate that 85% of all systems have outdoor readers.

As far as the breakdown, that's tough to generalize. For commercial buildings, maybe 80% outdoors vs 20% indoors. For high-security/military/research, that ratio could be reversed.

Ah, ok, I misunderstood the question.

Then that would be much closer to 50-50.

If a customer is going to do access control on a building, they almost always secur a certain number of exterior doors (front door, employee entrance for example) and they do not always secur interior doors (somethime the only doors secured are the front door, back door, employee entrance).On smaller sites, very often it is only a few exterior doors that are equipped with readers.

On the other hand, a large building will have many more interior doors than exterior doors so a customer that wants to replace the keys for an entire large facility will have a much larger number of interior doors than exterior doors.

So in the end, if you tak all sites together (there are a larger number of small sites with only a few exterior doors equipped but the larger sites will often have hundreds of interior doors) perhaps a larger percentage of equipped doors would be interior doors but it would be close.

Why are you gathering this information? (I don't really understand how this information can be useful)

Mark thank you for the data point. I appreciate it. What I'm trying to get at is the break out of readers at exterior portals (leading in or out of building) vs. interior portals (leading from one interior area to another).

In my experience, there are very few readers installed on doors leading out of a building versus doors leading into a building. I would throw a guess of 10:1 or even more favoring readers entering a building versus exiting a building.