Access Control Platform Across USA, Europa And UK

I am looking into any Manufacture that can supply the same access control platform across the USA, UK and europa. Must be IP based with software on a central server. Must work with HID I class card readers and cards


I guess there are many, but i would point to Amag for one of the options. Not the cheapest but i would say one of the solid offerings.

Generally how many users/sites?

Should local languages be supported, or is one language okay?

When you say Europe, exactly what countries do you mean?

With the EU open, does it matter to you if there are some specific countries where it is not currently sold?

Hi, I would also suggest looking at Genetec (I am a Genetec employee), as we have access control deployments world wide and use non-proprietary panels and readers (HID, Mercury, etc).

Please let me know if you would like more information on our platform. May I ask where you are based out of?