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Access Control Panel Connection Needed To The Floor Telecom Room?

Dear Team,

Is it required to provide CAT 6A data outlet near to each ACP or door controller or a CAT 6A cable connecting directly to the ACP or door controller to the floor telecom room?

Is it the same case for IDS systems also?

Which access control system are you working with?

Dear Brian,

My aim is to provide a flexible cabling infrastructure that can accomodate any manufacturer.

I heard BICSI preferred to have direct attach for building systems.

Thanks for the feedback. In general, BICSI is ambiguous on whether or not 'direct attach' is the best option. In the past, they have frowned on it. Now they do accept it, but do not look to BICSI to be the final authority here - the system manufacturer may be specific.

In general if central planning is the goal, I think dropping a jack to each door/access controller is best, simply because of greater flexibility in using patch cables to make up the difference in mounting locations.

However, there are many, many access systems that use a form of direct attach/'homerun' cabling per manufacturer and work great.