Access Control On A Roller Shutter Door

I have a client that would like to open an existing electric roller shut with an access control system. To open the door at the moment you have to hold the button all the time to go up or down. What has to be added or changed for this to work automatically via the access control?

Note: I would like to use Paxton access kit.

You could have a standard lock output trigger a latching relay, then have a stop switch of some sort that cuts off the relay when the door gets all the way open or closed. Pretty easy to rig up.

Wouldn't you need some sort of rebound mechanism, like an elevator/garage door has, to make it safe?

One would hope there's something in place already for that - even under full manual control, it's possible an operator could be distracted and close the door on a person (or part of a person).

One would hope there's something in place already for that - even under full manual control, it's possible an operator could be distracted and close the door on a person...

The fact that one is required to hold the button while its in motion indicates that it doesn't have a reversal mechanism. Of course if it does that makes it easier.

Thanks Matt I'll look into this further

When an overhead door or gate has manual controls (usually with an UP, DOWN, and STOP button), we normally recommend that the customer hire an overhead door company to modify the door controls before connecting to an access control system. Typically, the controls are modified to accept a momentary input to open the door, and then to automatically close the door after a designated time period. Like anything else, these door control systems can be more complicated than they look, so its best to get someone knowledgeable of the product to make the modifications.

Keep in mind that anytime you make a door or gate auto-closing, you also have to have the proper safety mechanisms in place. So if the door doesn't have them already, you may need to add a safety beam and/or safe edge on the door so that it reverses when someone or something is in the path of the door when it closes.

Great points there!

The fact the switch has to be pushed all the time for operation is an important safety feature, akin to a deadman's switch.

The advice to call the overhead door company is a prudent one. Modifying a door like this isn't terribly difficult if latching relays are used, but voiding the operator warranty and causing a safety hazard are big enough problems to give them a call.

Can you just "enable" the up/open button? Swipe card first, then press the button in the normal way. You don't need to mess with any of the safety features or motor controllers. Just cut the wire to the button and series in the door control output from the controller. Time the door relay unlock time to at least the time it takes to open the door fully. May or may not want to connect to the close button. Also don't forget to disable the manual override (i.e. chain); or at least lock it down.

We have done it that way many times also. Works well if the user is OK with that type of operation.

However many users want full remote control of the overhead door from a central control center to do remote opening, emergency lock downs, etc., and that method won't allow this type of remote operation.

The door currently doesn't have any safety edges or beams only the dead man's switch.

I'm going to follow the advise given and contact a door company and enquire about having the relevant kit fitted. I don't think its worth doing it myself for this one door.

Thanks for the advise guys.

Hi Simon,

I have also come across the same requirement of "Shutter door controls through Access control".

can you please share your further experience/finding some solution etc ?

is there any ready available product which uses to integrate shutter door with access control system ?