Access Control "Glitch" Opens 500 Jail Cells

A US Jail experiences a 'security emergency' after locks on 500 cell doors at the main jail simultaneously open.

Has anyone ever heard of a similar problem? I have to think that 'operator error' played a key role here...

This paragraph is completely ambiguous regarding if the 'maintenance and contract workers' were there before the glitch (investigating the earlier-in-the-week glitch) or if they were there because of Saturdays glitch.

"Saturday’s glitch wasn’t the first time that jail employees had to contend with cell doors automatically unlocking. Wallenstein explained that the same thing occurred earlier in the week. County maintenance and contract workers were investigating the problem on Saturday."

I once hired a guy who we all came to affectionately call The Glitch.

I have seen several access systems that toggle the door relays unlocking all doors when they reboot. I hope they don't have one of these.