A Starlight Surveillance Camera?

Is there such a thing as a starlight surveillance camera or is this simply a marketing term? If this a fancy term for slow shutter (like sens up Sens Up is For Suckers) or is there some technological differentiator?

The US military used 'starlight rifle scopes' as early generation night vision scopes back in the 1970s. In the Vietnam era, these scopes were considered 'cutting edge tech' and as with many military implements, the moniker seeped out into the public lingo as identifying something really advanced. I do not know for a fact this lingo is coming into play here, but I do know that 'starlight' optics may strike a 'cool-factor' chord among some people.
When people say starlight do they mean EMCCD? We covered the FLIR one - Super Low Light Color Cameras Examined (EMCCD Cameras) Unfortunately it was discontinued I saw some test results recently from the Hitachi one, it seemed OK but my goodness, $5,000 is a lot for a questionable gain in low light quality
Look up EMCCD (electron multiplied charge coupled device) and S-CMOS. FLIR and Hitachi off products in these categories although I know Flir will take some time coming to market. These are not slow shutter speed cameras, they are new technologies that are making their way to the security industry.
In fairness, considering the Sun is a star....
It's definitely a marketing term (and a terrible one, even by marketing standards), but if it could be applied to any camera, I'd nominate the Axis Q1602...