A Sexy Thought For A Friday Night Geek RE: Smart AI Cloud Based PoE Products

I've been developing a cloud management software for my network switches that have ability to auto detect cameras offline and reboot them automatically. Also have a full system network diagram showing each connection, what type of connection, the speed between ports, any issues or bottlenecks...One application has over 15000 Edge based PoE switches and 1000+ Fiber L2...

I've been working with some of the largest players in our industry to integrate access systems or video, even IP intercom/speakers to this network to supply full network diagnostic info. Right now HIK was the first to finish a full SDK and is now able to see their whole system from top to bottom in a simple diagram. We've got UPS companies wanting to utilize this cloud software and even VMS and analytic companies.

I know SNAP AV has a slick little guy who does a similar thing, but the cloud (internal or external) system I launching can scale to 250K devices and growing...

We sit here all day surveying video and alarms, but I believe monitoring your actual network savings thousands of dollars in rolling the vans when all you needed was a simple reboot.

Anyone out there who is interested in implementing AI and network monitoring under a single platform...I've built the backbone. I just need a sexy look to it, show it in operation and finally have a way for cities, buildings, automated systems to offer a RMR service to monitor the network....Plus who likes going up in a bucket track in Boston rush hour to reboot a traffic camera or trouble shoot an LED light...

Is this a viable future, or is the traditional security rolling trucks still a better way to do things? I'ld love some thoughts. I'd also love to throw out our SDK or API to see if anyone want to see if there is any benefit to this type of solution.

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