A Security Veteran

I received a mail today from EcKey with an invite to their function at ISC West on April 15th.

I get lots of these, so no big deal, but this one caught my attention as it was being billed as a benefit for the Wounded Warriors. How dare any company use the Wounded Warrior Foundation as a ploy to lure in prospective customers to their product. As a Vietnam Era Veteran, and a Security professional with 40 years in the industry, I take great offense to this marketing scheme.

If their website had a banner indicating that a specific portion of all of their sales went to benefit this organization, and publish how much to date they have given, it would be a different matter completely. But to use our wounded veterans as a marketing tool is unacceptable. I will do all I can to make it known about this company's underhanded advertising policies.

James, Thanks for sharing.

I don't know the details of this event but I passed your concerns to one of the co-sponsors asking for their feedback.

Here's a response from Veracity, one of the event's co-sponsor:

"Last year we donated over $1,000 to WW. This year we expect to donate quite a bit more. In addition, we have been in close communication with the WWF, and we have dotted the "i's" and crossed the "t's" as they require.

We have chosen WW as the charity for this event because we believe in what it represents and we believe that the men and women who have served and been wounded during that time deserve all the thanks we can muster."

Interesting that the name of the person from Veracity did not appear, and not a voice from the company that advertised it, even though Veracity is partnering the event. And anybody can say they donated 'over $1000' to the Foundation. I still disagree with their choice of marketing.

It is from Scott Sereboff. I chose to omit his name because we typically cite companies, not names.

It is from Veracity because I know people at Veracity but not from ECKey.

I think they genuinely mean well but I also see how it is / could be seen as a 'ploy to lure' prospects.

I know the people from EcKey personally, and before anyone asks, I am a life member of the DAV. They are good, honest people. Without any knowledge of the situation, my distant estimaton is they are well intentioned, just coming off a little clumsy. You have every right to be insulted Sir. I am not here to tell you otherwise. Knowing the people involved, it would pay to get a few facts first. Respects to all.

I guess I'm a little confused on this. If a company was saying that they support a cause that I believe in, I'd see that as a good thing.

If a company was saying that they support a cause that I believe in, I'd see that as a good thing.

Even if they're just saying it?

(Which was the original concern of the OP)

As a veteran, I commend Veracity and EcKey for not only holding this fundraising event for The Wounded Warrior Project, but also for their past fundraising for The Wounded Warrior Project (Atlanta). All proceeds from the Raffle Event, held in Atlanta, went to The Wounded Warrior Project.