A Few Hikvision Questions

We have acquired a few Hikvision clients, and I have a few questions.

Can you only have one account that has admin rights? What is the difference between admin and operator?

When I add operator accounts, I do not see any details such as which cameras they can see, etc.

One client has a NVR with 16 Channel POE built in and the client went in and started changing IP addresses of cameras in the NVR, the static IP of the unit, etc. It was a mess to figure out. I downloaded the SADP tool and plugged into the ISP Router and found 8 cameras at 192.168.1.xx. I changed the NVR to 192.168.1.x and logged all the cameras in, and they came up. The 5 connected to the POE would not, and I had to change them to plug and play from the NVR, and they came up.

Underneath the DNS server fields, there was another field for a second IP address. We wound up changing it to a different address, 192.168.0.x. I assume this is like a router, where we have an IP for the public side, and an IP for the inside?

When we open ports, I assume we are going to the 192.168.1.address correct?

What is the correct way to configure and set up the cameras on the built in POE switch?

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