96 Cameras Video Wall

What are some possible ways of displaying and controlling 96 cameras in a correctional facility? How many monitors/computers? Will be using Hikvision NVR's and 3MP cams.

How many locations will they be viewing from? Usually the cameras are located in "pods" and each pod views a specific group of cameras. I haven't spent much time on the wrong side of the bars.....but I have walked a few prisons.

A single and/or backup method of viewing can also be a requirement. This matters because you will need to manage the number of streams the cameras can provide, or possibly have to multi-cast if 12 different groups want to see a single camera during an emergency.

Just a few thoughts about bandwidth management.


Undisclosed 1, is 96 cameras the total number of cameras they have or do they want to see 96 cameras all at once?

And if you are using Hikvision, will you be displaying it with their 4200 software or?

Is this a ‘control room’ environment? Guard booth? Admisnistratve desk?

How many operators will be viewing/controlling these 96 cameras? Will each operator be equipped with a workstation.

What is the primary display system? Is it a common display being viewed by multiple operators or supervisors? Or, is each workstation equipped with its own display(s) intended for single operator viewing?

What will be the video source for the display(s)? If a PC (or multiple PCs) you likely will need a hi-power graphics card for each video output channel.

If using a true ‘video wall’ (instead of a simple monitor array) a video wall processor will be required.

Other factors to consider include:

  • Display size
  • Distance from viewer to display
  • Viewer sightlines

Honest question: have you asked Hikvision for their recommendations for this?

Agree. Because they have solutions for this, such as video walls.
If the NVR and cams are already decided it would be almost perverse to look at any other solution.

Take one down, pass it around, 95 Cameras with Video on the Wall.

Have a look at Hikvisions Decoder units. They have 1/4/8 monitor models to chose from and they intergrate with the 4200 VMS software

Really bad video showing how they work.