$9 Million For New Video Surveillance At Las Vegas Airport

See Las Vegas Sun Article: McCarran’s new cutting-edge camera system to upgrade surveillance.

It sounds like they are getting multi-imagers (or perhaps fisheye cameras), from this Airport director quote:

So, we’ll actually get to reduce the number of cameras we have with the upgrade because we’re getting what they call 360 cameras (can rotate around 360 degrees). Today we have point tilt zoom, where an operator can go in and zoom in on everything manually, but this way it will be automatic.

Anyone know the details of what is being used today and what the airport is going to get with this $9 million?

LAS Closed Circuit Television Upgrade Project (2465 CMAR RFP AD)

LAS Closed Circuit Television Upgrade Project (2465 CMAR Request for Proposals)
LAS Closed Circuit Television Upgrade Project (2465 Draft Preconstruction Services Contract)
LAS Closed Circuit Television Upgrade Project (2465 Draft Contract for Construction)

The purpose of the LAS Closed Circuit Television Upgrade Project (Project) is to upgrade the existing closed circuit television (CCTV) system at McCarran International Airport, North Las Vegas Airport, Henderson Executive Airport and McCarran Rent-A-Car Center. The Project scope includes a full upgrade to the existing video management system at McCarran International Airport; integration and fit out of 2 fully redundant CCTV video storage data centers; CCTV camera modifications, replacement and additions; and security data network analysis and upgrades to support the new camera data feeds. The scope of work will primarily involve the security system at McCarran International Airport, but will also include the upgrade and / or replacement of the CCTV systems at the North Las Vegas Airport and the Henderson Executive Airport as required to integrate and facilitate CCTV operations with McCarran International Airport. The scope of work also includes adding CCTV cameras to the McCarran Rent-A-Car Center (MRACC) inside the Customer Service Building (CSB) and in front of the CSB at the drop-off and pick-up curbs. Centralized data storage CCTV video feeds for all three airports and the MRACC will be housed on site at McCarran International Airport in 2 locations for onsite network storage. Upgrades to the existing McCarran International Airport data centers in Terminal 3 and in the D-Gates will be necessary as part of this project to support the centralized redundant data storage systems noted. Additionally, camera analytics will be introduced to simplify object and person tracking during live and reactive video investigations.

Looks like a lot of boilerplate and with no boiler...

How does one bid a project like this?


Does a company flat rate bid it? I could not imagine all the variables that could affect install time. Are there contingencies built into the contract if things go sideways? Like not being able to access certain areas at certain times, cabling problems, the etc.


I would love to hear how these projects are scoped and bid on. Not that we are ready to handle a $9M project..... yet :)



 I could not imagine all the variables that could affect install time. 


I'd imagine your tech would be arrested if one of the new "360" cameras automatically zooms into Janet airlines.

So no more Super Circuits in the tramcars :(

Or, SuperCircuits just had their best year ever.


Avigilon says 'deal me in'.

Her description leaves more system questions than answers. At first I thought they were getting 360 cameras... 

I liked the point tilt zoom part... lol    Apparently pointing is now fully automated...


My guess is the airport is going to get a huge headache for their $9 million.

Someone should send the airport security director an invite for a month of IPVM...