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What 720p PTZs Can Accept Fiber?

Does anyone know of a PTZ that is on the market that can accept a direct fiber patch cord or connection for video and data?

For the purpose of not having a Cat6 cable available for plugging into a laptop in the filed.

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This is an SD IP PTZ that accepts direct fiber - TKH Siqura BC620WDR Reviewed

Sorry to say, but the BC620WDR is a boxed camera, not a PTZ camera.

Nevertheless TKH Siqura has a number of PTZ cameras that does have direct fiber connections:


Visit for models and details.

The Bosch Autodome 7000 and 8000 will accept fiber via a media converter kit. It's ordered separately and fits in the power supply box, I believe.

This is correct. The AUTODOME is available with an optional media converter card with an SFP slot.

Jon , could you please clarify if you are trying to :

a) send base video back over fiber and have a seperate data channel just for telemetry (also over fibre)

b) have an IP PTZ camera with built in media converter to go back over fibre?

The IP PTZ's are called out Sony, Pelco, Axis. From what i found Sony does not have a built in Fiber connection, Axis has a Media Converter, and I have not heard back from Pelco yet. There is the "or approved other", and I found that Bosch has the *fiber conversion kit* that is installed in the housing power supply unit. I am not sure how, or where it is installed in the housing.

Bosch so far is the one (speed dome 700) that i have found with a "built in tranceiver" for a fiber connection. The camera could be dismantled in the field "taken apart" and that network plug used. (highly unlikley).

Just searching the industry to see if any PTZ IP 720P models have that fiber comunication module built in.

hope that helps.

"There is the "or approved other"

Is this to fit a bid specification?

This is all standards-based Ethernet. You can use SFP modules supplied by Bosch (multimode and single mode fiber options are offered) or those from other suppliers.

The AUTODOME 700 and 800 Series have been replaced by the new 7000 Series. You are correct, the Fiber Optic Media Converter Kit (VG4-SFPSCKT) is installed into the camera power supply box. The installation of this kit is detailed in the install manual located here:

Check with Bosch.