$50 Mini NVR Settings Don't Save On Reboot

I have the opportunity for a large project using these $50 mini NVRs but I have one major issue. When I reboot the mini NVR, all of the IP camera settings clear out. I contacted the manufacturer but time is of the essence. I'm running version v4.0. Does anyone know of a fix for this?

Who is the manufacturer? Is there a specific model on this thing?

My first thought is that you have to perform a separate step to save the settings... I know a number of managed switches that work this way.

It's made by AEVision, not sure of the model number. I see ethan wrote "Changes made in the web UI often do not save, despite receiving "save successful" confirmation." -I also had these results on the web ui, but I'm doing this from the GUI.

On the IP camera configuration page there is a save button, and exit button. I click save, it takes me back to live view, and if I go back into it, the settings are still there, but once I reboot it's gone.

Sounds like maybe a firmware problem. Also note Ethan had problems saving settings in his test here.

What version of the firmware do you have? Is it an earlier one than the 20140417 one?

Negative. Mine is v4.0[20140417]

There appears to be a later version of the firmware, from Jan 24, 2015 that has been used successfully by several.

Its located in this Dropbox folder, along with other versions, various manuals and readme files.



Caveat: Bricking is a definite possibility here, although I don't see anyone saying this version bricked, others have. If you want the full low-down you can wade thru this epic thread...

I tried the 4CH update and it fixed the issue. Thank you!

You're a brave man. :)

I was dreading seeing bricked instead of fixed...