Where Can I Get Higher Quality 4' And 5' 3/8" Drill Bits?

Most recently the long drill bits we are buying are not holding up. Anyone have a good supplier of quality long drill bits?

Which ones are you using now?

I know several cable installers that buy the ultra-cheap versions from Harbor Freight or Northern Tool. I'm not sure they've found good one, either, but replacement is not painful.

Guess I will just have to buy them in bulk!

What has happened to quality?

The toolbox full of tired old beat-up handtools my grandfather gave me often work better than the brand new warrantied ones I get at the big box store!

I've had a 54" Milwaukee cable bit since the early 2000s which has held up. I'm sure I'm not using it as much as you, though. Any time I've bought cheap drill bits, long ones or not, they've broken. Even the "better" ones at Home Depot/Lowes.

ITM has good quality bits.

LSD also has some good industry specific tools.