3VR NVR Solution. Thoughts And Opinions Wanted

Hey all,

I am curious how the smart masses feel about 3VR as a NVR solution in 2015 (whether using the VMS or appliance).

  • What are the strengths you've seen?
  • What are the weaknesses you've seen?
  • What market have you had the most or least success with them and why?

I am just trying to get opinions from real world users/installers of this solution.

As always, I appreciate everyone's valuable input.

3VR is overwhelmingly retail and banking focused, and more specifically large chains. The product is not really built for general commercial / industrial use (limited integrations, camera support, Windows only, etc.)

The main company concern is shrinkage of development and tech teams (significantly outsourced / overseas), as the company has cut costs, after it was unable to meet its lofty / unrealistic VC goals. New product development / releases are below average.

On the product side, you'll want to be sure you want to use their analytics as that is their main differentiator. Also, some people like their event storyboard approach, others do not. It's important to actually test / use their UI, as it is not your typical VMS (for better or worse).


I am using 3VR and yes I do work for a bank, however I will say we are using 3VR (HVR's, NVR's, and their VMS).

I will say we are using them in branch offices, warehouses, commercial vault operations, and in general office building settings.

I find their appliance to be very good and my staff loves this platform.

For full disclosure, in the past we have used the following: GE Security, American Dynamics, Pelco, Milestone, Dedicated Micros, and a system i can not recall that eventually was bought out by Honeywell.

Have been using 3VR since 2010.


Would like to know a little more about them too. Video Analyrics is a strong differentiaor in those days of commoditization...

There is not much new on 3VR. This was their 2016 spring release:

support for 360 degree cameras, the addition of a Web-based OpCenter, and integration with tape-based storage solutions from Quantum.

That's 2 things that most everyone else has long had and a niche 3rd party integration.

Because of limited growth and outside investment, 3VR has long shrunked their development resources, which is why the product has low development / improvement.